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The continued rise of the underground fashionista.

Chloe Sevigny. Image source- Billy Farrell.

The design duo 'The Blondes,' give you the preferred blonde tour...

Judging by what passes for popular fashion today you’d be forgiven for thinking that discerning fashion ennui is a tepid approximation of some of the easily recognized names and faces making mainstream headlines. From Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and the occasional references to S and M influenced Brit designer Alexander McQueen, the kinks of Karl Lagerfeld and the edit of American Vogue’s Editor in Chief Anna Wintour today’s fashion sensibilities are at best a watered approximation of glamour, sleek lines and the safe bet of a well known celebrity strutting some gown at some movie premiere or costume ball. But that’s not the whole story- for if truth be known, most of the real fashion, trends that carry muster and imagination are coming from another spectrum. The spectrum of the night time set, androgynous performers, club kids, promoters and artists and the elk that like to hang with them or to be succinct have the stamina to hang with them. Kevin Novinski explains (go to next page)…. Scallywag.

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Patrick McDonald, Kenny Kenny, Suzanne Bartsch. Photo by Bill Cunningham
Muffinhed- by Walt Cessna.
Haute couture by Victor de Souza.
The Villionaire collection Fall 2011- Richie Rich.