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Paris Fashion Week: McQueen On Screen




It is official: the internet is where it’s at – from influential bloggers bagging front row seats in Milano to live streaming coverage of the very latest Alexander McQueen show in Paris. It’s no secret that McQueen is one of the most highly anticipated shows on the international circuit. Not only does he offer impeccable cuts, silhouettes and detailing but he provides drama, innovation and theatre by the bucket load.

High fashion often runs in tandem with exclusivity – open and on-show to a very select few. Therefore it’s kind of satisfying that the masses get multi-angled views of each spectacular creation while the fashion elite crane their necks to get a better look. Thanks to a duo of robotic cameras running either side of the catwalk web viewers were privy to McQueen’s intricate prints and design details that can get lost when viewed from afar. Was McQueen hoping to be so democratic? We like to think so.

Writhing snakes and sensual female forms fading into mystical patterns provided cinematic foreplay before the models emerged one by one – hair coiffed into wings and feet clad in heels of stilt-like proportions. Entitled Plato’s Atlantis, McQueen cited mysticism, the world of stories and fantasy as his inspiration. Distinctively Alexander McQueen, so many elements were present and correct; aggressive sharp cuts softened with rounded puff sleeves and billowing gathers, bold futuristic overtones juxtaposed with the beauty of nature. Inky mirrored prints prevailed throughout, shimmering like butterfly wings full of multi-colored hues and intricate detail.

But you got to love the idea that this time the masses got in ahead of the cognoscenti. Coincidence, planned, or a sign of the times? The latter we regret to inform you…

Alexander McQueen


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