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The continued rise of the underground fashionista.

Muffinhead. 2011

Is it glam, goth, punk, vintage, drag? Don’t make the mistake of trying to tie it down to just one word as one finds that the line between masculine and feminine is blurred with good cause. With each new decade comes the reinvention of what it means to be stylish and original. For the Seventies it was the mix of punk and glam that gave birth to such notables as David Bowie and Iggy Pop. The Eighties: Madonna in her corsets and wedding dresses and Andy Warhol in his post-Silver Factory days attending venues such as Studio 54. All of this is paramount to each decade’s fashion freedom.

Setting the trend tone with modern artists there is no doubt that there is more than a hint of that club kid generation’s touch. Kenny Kenny can still be seen attending specific club nights in full fashion glory. Recently, when I was finally introduced to him, he was wearing glamorous make-up along with a collared shirt (a picture of Karl Marx on his right breast while the left of the shirt declared “Only Anarchists Are Pretty.”) To Kenny Kenny, along with the likes of nightlife hosts Amanda Lepore and Susan Bartsch, this is not some “costume” as many may believe but a form of stylistic freedom of expression and this attitude has carried over with each new generation.

Kenny Kenny.
Kenny Kenny-constantly reinventing himself.
Susanne Bartsch
Amanda Lepore at the Rainbow Room.