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The continued rise of the underground fashionista.

Kayvon Zand.

One prime example of this modern stylistic freedom in the form of art is singer Kayvon Zand, who can be seen sporting his signature black bouffant, make-up, feathers, and corset either at a nightclub or on stage. What he wears, to many outsiders in society, would be viewed as “unwearable” in public but is in actuality a perfect vision of what it means to be different as an artist and individual. He has the capability to wear whatever he chooses and does so fiercely and with no regrets.

Another true contemporary pioneer would be Muffinhead, a painter and performer who, when viewing his work, appears as if he stepped out of one of his own paintings. I cannot help but flash a big smile of happiness every time I run in to him as his look is that of a gender-neutral harlequin. A true work of art indeed. When I asked what his inspiration was he replied, “I’m honestly most inspired by random visions, hallucinations and fantasies in my mind. I simply want to bring them to life as honestly and as correctly as possible. To me it’s all art, this nightlife culture, and the more one is involved in it, the more they become the art in their mind.”

The ubiquitious Malik So Chic
Atarah Valentine- Underground goth/pop. 2009. Photo by Mark Reay for scallywagandvagabond
King Ralphy. Gay socialite.