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The continued rise of the underground fashionista.

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust- In concert, 1970's.

If you ever thought that New York had lost its sense of originality you are wildly mistaken. Taking a quick look at what some talented artists and performers have devised as of late there is no doubt that fashion and art have collided on and off the canvas to reinvent what it means to be different. But then again, that has always been the reason why anyone ever came to NYC, because they were different and they wanted to meet other different people, but mostly they just want to excel at being different.

While seemingly taking their wild clothing cues from the club kids of yesteryear (London’s Leigh Bowery– one of the forefathers of extravagance, gauche, and appropriated performance art and characters) these individuals are more than party-goers, they are true New York originals who delve into photography, music, performance art, painting, sculpting, graphic design, dance; you name it. Any onlooker may get lost in the seemingly endless kaleidoscope of intricate colors, shapes, and designs from head to toe (a dreamland gone horribly right for some). But for others, it’s a representation that is as natural as winter icicles turning to sleet on a sunny March morning.

England's Gary Glitter- icon of pop glam. 1970's.
Australia's Leigh Bowery. 1980's London bound.
Malcolm McMlaren pioneer of 'Voguing.' Late 1980's.