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The continued rise of the underground fashionista.

Patrick McDonald. Source- thechicindex.com. Photo by Ike Ude.

Reflecting the dandy spirit and beauticious male form is that of Patrick McDonald, a constant staple in the fashion elite as well as the underground where he is often found, assuming he’s not hosting some fashion pilot or modeling for the equally charismatic provocateur and dandy himself Ike Ude– whose recent photo series of Patrick can be found here.

To these artists and others (Lady Gaga in her bizarre glam comes immediately to mind), the combination of their work along with their style is what they are passionate about and it is who they are. They embrace their indifference with society and have no doubts about flaunting their true selves in and out of public view. Style is freedom to them and is more often their weapon of choice.

Can you really think of a better reason to come to NYC…?

Ike Ude.
Count Robert de Montesquiou. Paris- circa late 1800's.