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Rose Hartman: Glamour Photographer.

Grace Jones.
Bianca Jagger on white horse at Studio 54 as shot by Rose Hartman.

To be sure Rose Hartman has been taking more pictures of your favorite socialites and merry go round trollops before most of you were born. Since the 1970’s where she almost stumbled upon the gallivanting free roaming misbehavior of Studio 54 (the then archetypical symbol of excess and artistic and combined social prowess) courtesy of her dear friend and Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell unlike the calculated and staged visage of current extraneous affairs Ms Hartman has captured some of the most seminal images of an era. Images that on a typical day roam around your brain 48 times. Which is not to say Ms Hartman has just gone away to retired pasture lands. Quite the opposite, her work is still as vivid and celebrated as ever and as a mainstay and inside regular (we know because we always see her where it counts) her work still marvels and captivates. Which makes sense because FIT has decided to archive her work and put the entire body in permanent collection. Let’s see you weekend trollops try that.

That said, we sat down with one of our favorite paparazzo’s (well to be frank we can’t stand most) where we asked her a series of questions. Take out your cameras kids and happy shooting.

SCV: How did u first get involved in taking celebrity/socialite photos? Was it something you had aspired to and what was the attitude towards paparazzi photographers then as compared to what it is today?

RH: I am a former NYC high school English teacher who became fascinated with both NY nightlife and behind-the-scenes/fashion shows. I never considered myself a paparazzi as I was always invited to cover events rather than stalking celebs.

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  • Norma from Oakridge N

    to: Rose Hartman,
    We never met you but your brother, Marcus and Maria are very proud of you. They send me information about you and your photo shots.
    Good Luck, Norma and Jack

  • Verane

    How are you??? long time no see… Never let Scally interview you in text again – Christopher L Koulouris, do spell your yous and your ares if you know whats good for you….