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The top 5 fashion faux pas of 2010. Who’s committing them and why we believe in public floggings.


Source; Sasha Cohen Baron's 'Bruno.'

We’ve all cringed at the sight of the most obvious fashion faux pas and yet because we supposedly live in a liberated society where one can dress and go as they wish we hold our tongue in check even if part of us wants to scream- “You horrid horrid little thing, how dare you offend our public sense of aesthetics- go take off those 7 inch acrylic platform heels, that plastic forehead and that tattered leopard mini skirt at once! Ho!”

That said, we’ve been watching you this summer come and go and let us tell you- we are not amused. There needs to be a public on the spot flogging system put in place to keep you heathen in check. Yes we admire individuality, creativity and even your desire to wear your grandma’s woolly flannel sweater, because somehow you are convinced this will help define your poor trapped soul. But without a proper cultural referencing all we are doing is demeaning our collective aesthetics and debasing the current flock of designers who are trying to be articulate and clever.

Of course the trick in a democratic society (another bold assumption in our convoluted times) is that just because you create it doesn’t mean they will come and wear it. They will of course only come and wear it if it agrees with their fashion sense, or rather the most televised fashion sense.

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