What happens when a sexy artist gets together with a supermodel who happens to have a skinny Macbook air in her bag?

Exactly the kind of sultry bohemian behavior we all hope to witness online. At about noon time Saturday March 27th,  artist Skye Nicolas sent out a tweet on his official Twitter page informing everyone of an impromptu broadcast via Chatroulette: the popular webcam site that has recently made headlines featuring celebrities such as Kate Moss getting in front of her webcam and getting chatty with random online gawkers.

Our source reports that Nicolas and his female friend rendezvoused at the elegant Mark Hotel at East 77th Street on the Upper East side after coming from a very late after hours party at 7am. Nicolas sent out his Tweet around noon which was received by 20,000+ of Nicolas’ followers on Twitter.

One clever fellow was not only able to catch Nicolas and his svelte friend on camera, but recorded approximately about 8-10 seconds of live footage before the transmission was cut off. The alleged video shows a disheveled Nicolas and his topless flirtatious friend in their hotel suite laughing as they caroused while sharing witty jokes about art and fashion. The video has now been removed from YouTube and Vimeo to protect the model’s identity.

Inside sources have remarked  that “she is a known face who has a handful of ad campaigns coming out this summer, and this is not the sort of video clients would want to see”. No other clues pinpoint the name of the mystery beauty, only that she’s in one of the featured editorials in this week’s edition of Fashion Gone Rogue. She is also said to be Nicolas’ pal on Facebook.

We look forward to more of Nicolas’ spontaneous broadcasts, and hope that next time we’ll be able to partake in all the naughty fun. Kudos to both Nicolas and his sultry friend, you both deserve a medal for doing your part in livening up the rather overtly well-behaved New York scene.


Skye and his “friend” have checked out of The Mark Hotel NYC at 3pm EST, and Tweeted these details in response to another curious model friend:






  1. Skye is THE artist to watch for 2010/11. Heard rumours about a new freaking series he is working on. Love it! Cant wait. Go Skye,..

  2. Publicity stunt or not, this still effin rocks. I read more about this guy and his work is seriously rad. This story could be the artwork and everyone is just a part of it and that thought or concept alone makes this even crazier. Mad props to Skye, RESPECT!

  3. This guy is going to get a lot of comments and crap from haters cos he did something totally cool that the average idiot can only read about. Even if the video would still be around people will still be hating, even more. This only proves the fact that this guy is on the right track. Like they say don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

  4. Skye is the coolest ever. I recently went to some art show recently for some famous artist, but to be honest Skye was way cooler than anyone in the room. He’s super sweet even if he doesn’t know you he’ll take the time to chat with you unlike all the fake people in the art world who would never even consider talking to a stranger. Skye’s art is as beautiful and inspiring as his soul.

  5. BAHAHA. Seems there’s a lack of juicy gossip these days, so a little improvisation is needed. But, I’m sure whoever this “sultry, mystery” girl was, she’s well worth the time, cause if I know Mr. Nicolas, he doesn’t sully himself for anything. Cool and classy is the name of his game, for sure.
    Keep it real, loves <3

  6. Did he whip out like the rest of the dudes on Chatroulette? Extra points if he did. Does anyone know if he played with the bitch’s tits on screen? Extra points if he did. F*ck, extra points for just being Skye Nicolas! He could be eating falafel at the corner and still look so cool. I hate my life and so should you.

  7. The difference between this and Terry Richardson is that Uncle Terry is a guy who gets away with doing grossness with underage girls cos he’s protected by the queen Wintour. Other difference is quite obvious – Skye is sexy and Uncle Terry is just plain CREEPY!!!!!

  8. Despite his antics, Skye Nicolas is definitely a standout artist. I’ve actually hung out with him in the city and he seems like quite the elegant trouble maker. All the best to Skye and his artistry.

  9. all you have to do to find out the name of this mystery girl is ask the people at ave the name of the hottie who was wearing the ny yankees baseball cap last friday night. clue #1 she wears that hat a lot when she’s in town. clue #2 she’s polish… or is it hungarian? jajajajajaja! naughty skye i love u!

  10. I’m not surprise about this happening. Skye is HOT (ofcourse) and so fun to hang out with. So cool this kinds of stuff happening. And I know the lucky girl he was with cos she’s in my agency. ;))))) ♥ you both! ♥

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