Home Scandal and Gossip Isn’t it time you got yourself glasses like this ‘hawt’ bitch above?

Isn’t it time you got yourself glasses like this ‘hawt’ bitch above?


Anderson Cooper wants to make sure he can see better.

Nothing says more about style than a ‘hawt’ wad cascading down your nose and wrapped around your ears. Yes bitches, we’re talking about the new and improvised improved Anderson Cooper– hawt girl to American newsrooms. Start salivating at will…

Dlisted: On Mah Boo 36me last night, the Silver Fox debuted a new pair of Rachel Maddow-like glasses that he will wear on the streets of NYC so he can clearly see me running at him with a mouth full of foam, eyes full of CRAZY and arms full of love to give him.

One distant evening when the Silver Fox is serenading you on TV, you will without quite understanding it move closer to the screen and without meaning to slowly draw pictures around the hot thang bouncing off his nose with your tongue all the while praising the lord Sheba. Amen to stylish hawt biches…

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