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Grey Stallion Anderson Cooper is offered $1 million to get rid of his grey hair.


Anderson Cooper is about to become a teen idol.

Azcentral.com: According to the Sun-Sentinel, the CNN anchor would have to take the Go Away Gray pill, containing the enzyme Catalese. For 60 days, he’d be expected to post Twitter and Facebook updates.

As you can imagine, we already have our facebook settings on auto pilot as we want up to the minute pics of the Grey Stallion turning back the clock and going from hot gay adult media idol to teeny bopper gay teen idol. In fact I’m even wondering if I get the Stallion’s benefactors to donate a couple of bucks if I get a hair braid or a punk hair cut myself, and you know I wont charge as nearly as the Stallion.

Developer Cathy Beggan told the Sun-Sentinel, “We feel like Anderson Cooper is a really visible and well-respected figure and thought he would be a great spokesperson for the product and the company,” adding, “And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome gentleman.”

Of course it doesn’t hurt that he has every 16 year old boy weeping at night while the Stallion explains the world to them. In fact some nights, even I am weeping like a tortured honey suckled stood up prom boy when I lay my eyes on the Stallion’s eyelids. In fact the tears are bleeding down my elbow now…

No word on whether Cooper is considering the offer, but a CBS anchorman in Chicago reported on the product in April. After taking the pills for six weeks, he “looked about the same.”

He may look the same, but that twinkle in his eye will forever keep us warm…

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  • tiny little ones

    cooper is just a poser………… his “news” is just his face with something in the background…. it is sad when the reporter thinks he is more important than what he is reporting on…. geesh