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Michael Lohan Just Got Creepier.


michael250It seems as though for Michael Lohan, the word “daughter,” merely stands for a label that he can fling around when it comes to addressing younger females around him.

Do you recall when his brief love affair with fellow media whore Jon Gosselin ended? One of the main factors was due to the fact that Gosselin never really liked Star reporter, Kate Major — who was “like a daughter” to Lohan. Well, now, it’s coming to light that maybe Michael wasn’t being a protective father-figure in that scenario, but instead was being maybe a bit of a jealous creeper.

This is all coming to light because apparently, Michael Lohan and Kate Major are dating. RadarOnline.com reported that these two got matching tattoos to celebrate the New Year. Oh, but hold your horses, Michael had a completely reasonable explanation for it. He told RadarOnline.com that, “Kate liked it [the tattoo he had gotten] so she got one too. It was not a big deal.” RadarOnline.com, however, continued on insisting that these two are dating, by reporting that he spent the holidays with Major and her family in Chicago. They even “shared a hotel room when they were in New York City for their depositions in the TLC lawsuit against Gosselin.” Creepy, much?

It’s not all that easy to feel bad for Lindsay Lohan or understand her, but in moments like these, I just want to give her a hug, and nod and smile along with all her insane tactics.

Source- Radar Online.

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