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It’s the world’s fault Kate Gosselin doesn’t get it.


The continued adventures of an aspirant media whore.

Kate Gosselin has a difficult life. From running around TV sets, caring for 8 kids, a gnarly press and the side effects of having to smell her ex husband Jon Gosselin’s sweat glands for the longest time. Of course life has just gotten more difficult courtesy of Dancing with the Star’s Tony Dovolani who no matter how hard Kate hustles to get it just can’t manage to wrap her mind around how she’s supposed to move on the dance floor. Is Tony Dovolani the newest obstacle and hindrance to Kate’s world mega dominion?

Visibly flustered and in disbelief, Tony, Kate’s dance instructor has failed to figure out how to make Kate come to terms with her life and how things like orchestrated dance steps work. Like Jon Gosselin before him, Tony has been relegated to the ‘It’s your fault the world sux and thank you for failing me to appreciate how it all works.”

For a while Tony puts up with Kate, because secretly he’s aspiring to be a media whore too, but eventually even he is resigned to the fact that there is something fundamentally wrong with his dance partner and that he has no choice but to impromptu quit, leaving a flustered Kate even more chagrined as to why the world refuses to behave the way she tells it to behave.

Have a look at the mess below, we don’t think in all sincerity Tony had any idea that he’d be required to deal with Kate’s insanity when he agreed to be her co media whore.

In any event, we think they make a lovely couple and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are now carrying a full fledged love affair next season.

p.s- Don’t you miss Kate’s mullet haircut?

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