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Jon Gosselin comes home to a mutilated home


Jon GosselinWhen ex girl friends (and ex wives) just don’t work out…

Life has suddenly gotten very crappy for Jon Gosselin, which proves be very careful what you wish for:
The facts courtesy of D listed who are overwhelmingly fond of this man and his embarrassing existence;
TMZ reports that when Jon returned from celebrate Christmas with his child army, he found that someone with a knife completely destroyed his place. $100,000 worth of damages to be exact. They slashed up his shirts, shoes, luggage, his bed, rugs and curtains. Jon’s TV, CD player, coffee machine, dishes and other shit was missing. They even carved the word “cheater” into his headboard.

Cheater? Mmh, is that a code word for something? Continues D listed…

A source tells UsWeekly that a note was left on the kitchen counter with a knife sticking through it. The note was signed with Hailey Glassman’sname. The source went on to say that Meth Brows probably did the damage, because she recently moved out of the apartment. She was also upset, because she claims she paid half of the rent and recently found out that Jon’s been pocketing the money and not sending in a check to their management.

So maybe Jon is a cheater. But surely there’s a reason he was doing this? Could it be because he needs the extra cash to sweep other fraternity girls off their feet, because he needs every dime he can find cause ex wife Kate has got his balls in a noose or what we really suspect- that Jon is just trying to figure out a way to draw attention to himself so we can all feel sorry for him and ask him to come act in our living room for a very modest fee of $35 000 per dinner party.

Jon Gosselin is perhaps simply not adapting to life in Manhattan…what a shame.


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