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Jon and Kate Gosselin Finally Divorce.


divorceNo longer fame whores by the hip.

Proving that talent is never really absolutely necessary in one’s attempts to navigate the public eye the team known as John and Kate plus 8 are no longer a collective item. Of course that doesn’t mean the dribble America has been doled out by capricious television producers is far from over. With Kate still whoring her mullet haircut and all the wonderful things that twirl underneath that mullet haircut and with Jon under the gun to come up with big cash for all the college girls he adores not to mention the 5 figure monthly child support he owes we’re certain that he will try to figure a way to sleep under your pillow so he can make all that moulah he really enjoys.

With the fame whores looking to tighten their hold on the public we can only expect more madness, innocent victims being thrown in their way and the weird idea that if Ashley Dupre can be offered a job as a sex columnist it wont be long you will be waking up in stupor to find Jon Gosselin reading the headline news. Why not he’s making headline news forever.

Fame whores are fun people except when we are forced to watch them humiliate themselves and by extension the American public.