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Jon Gosselin and Kate Major’s Precoital Agreement


contractWe all know that prenuptial agreements don’t really mean romance is dead, they just are that sensible forward planning that can make a divorce a whole lot simpler. The next logical step, quite clearly, is the precoital agreement. And who needs a lawyer when you have a ballpoint pen, a piece of paper and the handwriting of a child?

This, presumably, was the logic behind Jon Gosselin and Kate Major’s “contract”, in which Kate crosses her heart and hopes to die while solemnly swearing to “run any media enquiries past John Gosselin” and not to “make any negative or disparaging remarks.” He in return promises to “employ Kate Major as a personal assistant handling some, but not all future accounts.” Now, if that doesn’t scream old fashioned romance then I don’t know what does.

Gawker reports: Since Jon immediately started / never stopped fucking other people, and Kate immediately ran off to give teary interviews on national television andI guess they came out even.

Just another day in the life of the pointlessly overexposed and tiresomely self-important.

Scrawled, Childish ‘Contract’ Perfectly Captures Jon Gosselin and Kate Major’s Fairy Tale Romance
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  • Jez Miles

    The somewhat untidy notes indicate to me that maybe, just maybe, they were actually “doing it” whilst they were drafting the agreements.