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Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Blogging Client Acquisition Tool
Blogging as a Client Acquisition Tool.
Blogging Client Acquisition Tool
Blogging as a Client Acquisition Tool.

Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic: Blogging Client Acquisition Strategies that cater to your audience and convert to sales.

Client acquisition refers to the strategies employed by businesses to bring in more clients or customers. The gist of the process is to create a sustainable and systematic strategy that can mesh well and advance with new changes and trends. This is of primordial importance to any business, regardless of size.

It provides the venue for businesses to earn more income to reinvest, pay their human resources, and meet operational costs. It also provides businesses with opportunities to present proof of traction to influencers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders.

Blogging as a Client Acquisition Tool

Publishing valuable and relevant content to acquire more clients is an essential technique that is usually underused and overlooked. Then again, many businesses still haven’t gotten a good grasp of the necessary process that they must go through. They have to take advantage of these strategies to improve their client conversion rating effectively.

Utilizing blogs to increase the number of clients is just a part of the whole, more extensive process. The content in the blog will be utilized to support the business’ campaigns and their corresponding sales goals. These sales goals should be determined and planned out thoroughly before launching any conversion efforts. The business’ blog should be ready to support the process entirely.

Here are a few proven and tested steps on how your business can use blogs to improve your client conversion rate:

Promote with social media

Upon posting your blogs on your website and article directories, share the same through your social media platforms. Come up with a short yet persuasive caption that gets your audience hooked on your message.

Share each new blog post across your social media networks

Social media marketing could also be a potential tool to help you boost your client conversion rate. You must load all your new and fresh content into your business’s social channels. You can use tools like Meet Edgar to make sure that these posts will reach your prospects who might online at various times. This strategy will also encourage your business to develop exclusive and relevant content for your followers.

Aside from those mentioned above, it would also be beneficial if your content can be used to drive engagement in paid or free private social online groups like Facebook groups. You can also encourage social groups to make user-generated content that can be used to leverage other campaigns relevant to client acquisition.

Write better titles

Come up with an attention-grabbing blog title. Most people, just like you and me, are unlikely to click an email with a subject line that’s lousy or uninspiring. In the same vein, the title of your blog should also be eye-catching and stimulating to be able to persuade your reader to give their attention. Also, take advantage of relevant and productive keywords in your title to help them show up and rank better in search engines once your viewers search for topics.

Include photos

People are visual creatures; that’s why they engage better when there’s a photo added to texts. Use this fact to your advantage by adding royalty-free stock images to your blog posts. Your blog will look more professional and well-put-together with these images. It would then be easy to encourage engagement because of that.

Add subtitles to videos

Videos can tell stories and can impact more than mere words or pictures. Videos can convey a more gripping story and can definitely determine the success of content marketing and promotional campaign efforts of a brand. To date, videos are utilized as an effective medium to connect with the target audience and build a deeper and more satisfying relationship with them.

But, you can encourage more views if you also add a subtitle for your videos. To make subtitling easier, take advantage of apps like audio to text software Audext that automatically transcribes popular audio to text. This makes subtitling more convenient, more accurate, and less strenuous. You don’t have to transcribe the video or commission someone, to do the transcription part of the task.

Incorporate keywords

Use SEO. This means you have to write and publish fresh, unique, and quality content on a regular basis to continuously engage your visitors. You must remember to always update old content on your website to also improve your rankings and search performance. Fresh content can create a perception among your site visitors that your website is accurate, current, and relevant.

Using SEO also means that you have to create website content that will be useful to your clients. Make sure to answer common questions about the kind of business you have. While drafting content gearing to this, you will be naturally incorporating various keyword variations leads and prospects to discuss your services, products, and brands. All these will greatly improve your online search visibility.

Add social sharing buttons

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out why you need to add social sharing buttons in your blog post. You put it there for exposure. You want to be known and you want to generate traffic to your website by sharing your videos. More traffic means more opportunities to sell and make more business.

Invest in promotion

This will improve your quality score, as well as your ad’s relevance, thereby leading to lessened marketing cost but higher visibility. Investing in promotion strategy also requires that you make use of the data gathered by your ad analytics to point out gaps in your website that might prevent prospects from becoming converted clients.

The effort you put into your marketing strategies will show how the market engages with your brand. Take advantage of audio to text transcription tools like Audtext to simplify the process and take out the guesswork.