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Costumes that ensure madcap Halloween adventures.


The hottest, scariest Halloween outfits you should be trying today.

Halloween is sneaking up on us ever-so slyly and many are in the danger of being caught unprepared for that very fashionable costume ball on the 31st. To aid the social lives of all parties involved, we at Scallywag have composed a list of outfits that will provoke shrieks of horror and delight from all your (so-called) friends.

The hottest, scariest Halloween outfits

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Barack Obama- You will tell everyone you are anti-Halloween but end up starting a lot of parties that the guests can’t possibly finish. And you probably will get some sort of prestigious award for doing so.


The Kardashians- People will surely be confused on why they are hearing so much about your costume or why it deserve so much attention, but then go and pay you $50,000 to show up.


Rush Limbaugh- Your costume’s oversized wallet may encumber walking, so be sure to complain a lot. Pack pain-killers too.

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin– Costume includes paparazzi, college-aged girlfriend, and an air of desperation.


Roman Polanski- If you choose this costume, be aware at all times. You may be picked up at some point in the night and unwillingly taken to another party because of decades-old baggage (included with costume.) We actually don’t recommend this costume.


Poppa Lohan– If you decide to wear this costume around town, you have your work cut out for you. You are going to have to think of numerous useless things to say to keep the attention of the party.


Sarah Palin- Also known as Sabateur, this costume is sold with numerous devices to aid in the destruction of any progress the party may be headed towards. Also, if you are part of a costume duo neither of you will have any chance of winning the Best Costume award because of your constantly “Going Rogue” on your partner.