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Hailey Glassman Is Learning Her Lesson.



In the most recent Jon Gosselin news, it seems like he is having an even messier split with his infamous 22-year old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. Gosselin called the cops on Saturday after he found his apartment turned upside down, with several items slashed, along with a note from Glassman stuck on his dresser with a knife. After this report, Gosselin’s attorney Mark Heller stated, “Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It’s as simple as that.”

Apparently, there is security footage that shows Glassman taking items from Gosselin’ apartment after their breakup. Stephanie Ovadia, Glassman’s attorney stated to RadarOnline, “We’re not denying Hailey took the TV. We are not denying she took her belonging out of the apartment. She is moving on with her life and taking her belongings. She moved all her belongings out so there will be security video showing her carrying items out of the apartment.”

Ovadia continued on saying that Hailey Glassman is not even a suspect in this accusation, and that Hailey has no bad feelings for Jon Gosselin, as she just wanted to move on with her life. She even went as far to call 22 year old Hailey a “baby” and that “she is caught up in madness.” I’m close to Glassman’s age and I know I’m no baby who would go out of my way to show love to a cheating submissive husband of eight, who has gained weight and only wears Ed Hardy shirts.

Presently, Hailey and her parents are being interviewed by police in the ongoing investigation. Let’s see how this drama unfolds between these two media-hungry lovers.