Home Scandal and Gossip Michael Lohan is trying to figure out why Lilo is a mess-up.

Michael Lohan is trying to figure out why Lilo is a mess-up.


michaelloDisaster in media tabloids, what’s a girl to do?

We read with intrigue this morning about Papa Lohan’s concern over his daughter’s seemingly high pitched demise in the tabloid world.

Lilo, a permanent fixture in most Americans’ breakfast menu, is once again causing ripples in the coffee. This time we read that Papa Lohan is aghast because of poor Lindsay’s latest escapades and general state of mind.

Appearing on the Maury Povich Show, (well exposure is exposure thank you!) Papa Lohan said he could no longer look at her (unlike us) and that when he confronted her all he could see was a it’s just a hollow, hollow person.”

Of course, what Papa Lohan is not getting is that that’s the way we like our stars- hollow. And if Lilo is going to keep on making the bucks and entertaining us en masse, the hollowness must continue.

In any event we do wonder if Papa Lohan had anything to with Lilos madness and whether him pitching his new reality boxing show assuaged the misery and contempt he feels for Lilo.

Father and daughter relationships are sometimes a hard pill to swallow, but are harder still when you’re peddling your own reality mess as well. What’s a father to do?

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