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Lindsay Lohan Cries Like Baby and Takes Other People’s Stuff.

Making America your door mat.

Part 347 of adventures with the crack/coke/grog/freak whore continue. Dedicated to keeping America in the loop of what Lilo does from the moment she gets up, we couldn’t resist recanting the following piece of nasty gossip. Life only makes sense if there is gossip for you to attach your scrumptious self too.

So let the Mickey Mouse behavior begin. Ya go gal!

Reports one of our favorite orators of the demise and re invention of freak shows – D listed:

When LiLo was paid to attend the launch of Jermaine Dupri and jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad’s watch line at Kitson, she wanted a whole lot more than just a complimentary glass of champagne. Apparently, Pascal already promised her ass $500 worth of Kitson merchandise. When she complained that it wasn’t enough, he upped it to $1,000.

Give Lilo more. Now. So what happened? Did the wench get more? Well…yes and no.

Continuing her shopping spree (which is ironic cause it’s always a hand out in Lilo’s case), her bill almost came to $15,000 yummy dollars. $14,000 more than her alloted tab. So, then what happened?

LiLo simply said that Pascal would cover the entire amount, because she was the only celebrity who attended his event. A source added, “Pascal said no, so she went and started talking smack about him to Jermaine Dupri who doesn’t even know her. He was totally bewildered and couldn’t believe it. Eventually Pascal said she could have $2000 to spend but that was the absolute limit.”

When Pascal refused to cover the full bill, LiLo told one of the Kitson employees that they should give her the rest of the stuff for free, because she’s always been a loyal customer. She promised she would let the paparazzi take pictures of her holding Kitson bags.

In the end, LiLo was told “NO,” because the employees couldn’t get a hold of the owner of Kitson. She stormed out with her $2,000 worth of crap.

The moral of the story- Lilo is using you as a doormat and you can’t get enough of it. Neither can we sadly…

Speaking Of Having No Shame….