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Gosselins GF: “He’s like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him.”


Hayley Glassman, Jon GosselinTimes are getting rough for the celebrity (faux) father Jon Gosselin. As if his reputation hadn’t been damaged enough by his philandering and a wealth of photos of him looking shockingly similar to a gorilla or confused teenage boy, his girlfriend Hailey Glassman has recently sold him out to the media via interview with People.com. She dropped more dirt on the former reality TV dweeb who she still calls significant other, accusing him of being a liar, two-faced, and having “mantrums.” Well played Ms. Glassman.

She hedges all of this by saying that, despite everything, she still loves him. Well then, what better way to show your love than taking issues that should be discussed behind closed doors (and with a therapist in the room, ideally) and feeding them to the celebrity gossip machine. Modern Romance, it just makes us feel all tingly inside.

Celebrities (or shouldnt-be-Celebrities) should do one of the following: STOP taking personal affairs (voluntarily) to media outlets, or STOP COMPLAINING. Glassman is upset with being called names by people who so loved Kate that they are willing to deal out threats on her behalf. She also says she isn’t going anywhere. Well, you are no longer a victim at this point, you’re a volunteer.

Celebrities and faux-Celebrities alike, please accept your role in society and don’t pretend you don’t like it.

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  • Can someone please throw this girl some money so she can shut up!