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Why has Anna Wintour suddenly started to resemble a human being?


anna-wintourWhen arrogance can only get you so far.


We’ve been paying attention to the supposed diva of the fashion world of late and it’s no wonder given the collapse of profits at Vogue America which she heads and her ignorance or perhaps abhorrence of the internet (where the mag she heads has little or no real exposure to) she has been forced to come off her perch and perhaps acknowledge that the industry has changed and to be precise she as the arbiter of holy fashion failed to perceive those changes.

That said it’s been surreal and even intensely funny to watch the diva have to mix with human beings that only her interns would of once have been forced to mix with on her behalf. From appearing on the David Letterman show (poor girl couldn’t help but cringe…) from her standing in line (and in a t shirt and jeans, still pouting of course) to watching a movie about the opulence of Vogue America only to fully know 2 years later as she stood in line that story is long gone and to her even appearing at the US Open where cameras trained on her.

In any event the dame has been publicly repenting not in any obvious way (that would be redundant and too much to bear) but just by virtue she has once again surrounded herself with other human beings could be as bold as Anna gets to letting you know she kind of fucked up but that said she’s willing to still be loved by you even if it means standing in line with you.

When divas don’t get it right the come down is never fun…

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