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When Anna Wintour’s daughter can’t find a job you know it’s serious.


anna-wintours-dughterIf only Bee Shaffer wanted to be a fashionista life would be easier.


Out of Gawker comes the interesting plight of Bee Shaffer daughter to the Queen of America – Anna Wintour. Uninterested in just being a facile society fashion whore Bee has decided the life of poverty, starvation, exhilaration and bohemia is really more for her.

Trying to pursue a career in theater, the young Ms Shaffer who recently graduated from Columbia University in May has been on a staggering 24 interviews and has been unable to date close a deal. Traditionally theater as this ex playwright can tell you is not a very lucrative profession (despite the enormous joy it can bring to your feeble life) or is one that comes by too often simply given the fact that most people don’t watch theater anymore and prefer the comfort of nasty TV shows and blogs like this.

Nevertheless Bee is determined to carve a career in theater, but this does beg an interesting question- is it really that hard to get a job in theater or is it simply that people in the world don’t give a ‘shit’ who your mama is?

We of course prefer to think the former because when your mamma is Queen of America and Macy’s you will always be eternally loved. But if a career of poverty and bohemia really turn on Bee we duly welcome her to the fold of course we’ll be wondering how long before she breaks down and goes back to trying to becoming a fashion whore.

When coming from royalty affords you the idle leisure of pursuing a career that no one cares about.

Anna Wintour’s Daughter Is a Poor Theater Hobo

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  • nada

    well…thats not very nice. She cannot help it if she is born into power and fame. That means that whatever she acheives or tries to achieve she will always be scrutinized and reduced to being successful because she is born into it or unsuccessful because she is spoiled and born into it.
    At least she is trying to do something different.