Sasha Grey defends Belle Knox. Yes it’s fine to be an adult film star.


Sasha Grey Belle Knox, two female entertainers forcing a reconsideration of women’s rights, perception of and why we love/hate the adult entertainment industry so much… In a feature with the dailybeast, consummate porn actress, Sasha Grey has told that she fully supports and endorses Belle Knox, aka Miriam Week’s decision to pursue a vocation as […]

Reddit asks gynecologist if they can tell if a woman is a slut or not.


Many things get asked on reddit. Redditors are a curious bunch by nature. They tend to move in packs. They either like you or hate you. Or just taunt you mercilessly, especially if you are a cute vixen who needs to be publicly taunted. Which brings us to the the fun section, askreddit. Where you […]

Norfolk nymphomaniac. Five orgasms a day and 300 lovers so far.


Nessa Jay, the self admitted Norfolk nymphomaniac from the UK has an unquenchable desire to receive carnal pleasure. To date the self confessed sex addict has bedded 300 men and she is not about to stop… In a probing interview with the UK’s sun, the 24 year old local from Cromer, Norfolk has told that […]

The hypocrisy of Belle Knox, Duke College porn actress.


The ongoing saga of the Duke College porn actress. First of let me say before i am considered a basher of women’s rights, I fully support and endorse what Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox the Duke college porn actress has chosen to pursue. Not that she needs my endorsement or yours frankly. It’s her body, her […]

Study: People are happy when they are getting laid but even happier when they are getting laid more than everyone else.


Here comes a study that might have some of you intuitively agreeing with its findings. That chiefly as humans we’re pretty happy when we’re getting laid but increasingly even more happier when we’re getting more laid than our friends. The study courtesy of Tim Wadsworth, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Colorado […]

Trojan Vibrator giveaway shut down Nyc. Did you manage to nab one?

Hot dog? No, how about a vibrator?

Have you gotten acquainted with your new vibrator yet? Some of you at this very moment might be ‘pleasantly’ enjoying your vibrator giveaway courtesy of Trojan condom co (yes they now make vibrators) who yesterday morning took to the streets of NYC to soothe the frisky needs of New Yorker’s. Others amongst you on the […]

Girls want to fuck all you guys, but just not for free….

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Original image can be found here In response to The problem with women. Why they should learn to fuck better… We want to all out fuck you guys but you don’t want to put the time in and you want us to do all of the work for free. Girls are like cats, I agree.  They do […]

The problem with women. Why they should learn to fuck better…

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Sex. Good sex. Define it. How does one get it? And has it suddenly gone away or is it all in the end just in the eye of the beholder? Of course who wouldn’t appreciate being laid the right way? Then again maybe according to Esquire’s Chris Jones, you bixches have got it all wrong […]

Anal sex. How it suddenly became the grim reaper that women are now forced to exact at the mercy of leery men.


Have you tried rosebudding yet? The new dangerous tend in anal sex Anal Sex; Why women are now doing it more often? Yesterday Jezebel published an article describing in essence how women have been increasingly forced to subject themselves to the lascivious desires of men who wish to use anal sex as a way to […]

It’s true, the deeper the nation goes into recession the more we spend on our collective sex toys.

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Isn’t it time you acted out your fantasy in the privacy of your own home now that you have no money to go out? Here’s an interesting corollary. Americans according to one CNBC story spend more money on getting off with an imaginary partner than a live one. $15 billion more. Makes sense, because every […]