My hero Anderson Cooper insists he will never wear meggings.


Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is still a hawt bixch.

Gents. Have you acquired your latest fashion accoutrement? Men in tights, aka ‘meggings?’

Anderson Cooper is still a hawt bixch anyway…

Kids the tears are sliding off my checkered lapel this morning with the revelation that my forward fashion heart throb, Anderson ‘I have been in more downtown war zones than you’ll ever be’ Cooper adamantly denounced any intention of ever donning the new conspicuous hoi poi mens wear trend of meggings.

Meggings for those who don’t know are destined for all you hawt bixches who are not afraid to show off your lithe muscular legs (which Anderson insists he has none of- blah!) as you prance around in tight fitting sheath material the way your childhood hero Peter Pan used to.

Alas, the look which is doing gangbusters here on Bedford Ave, Billyburg is unfortunately not the avowed look for our collective hero.

‘This shit looks ridiculous,’ cries our hero, because you can always trust that our collective hero knows what’s really macho a good thing about fashion or two already.

Will America ever live with the knowledge that our collective hawt bixch wants to go the path of the straight laced fashion accessory despite the universe’s desperate calling for him to don colorful woolen sheaths?