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‘Lovely valuable person’ Andreas Lubitz Germanwings’ victims relatives outraged after family post newspaper tribute

Andreas Lubitz tribute advertisement
Pictured Andreas Lubitz
Andreas Lubitz tribute advertisement
Pictured Andreas Lubitz

Andreas Lubitz tribute advertisement: A question of good taste or a family’s insistence of preserving the memory of their fallen son?

The relatives of infamous Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz who last March purposefully dove a plane of 149 passengers into French mountains have heaped scorn on the pilot’s parents after taking an ad in the local newspaper paying a tribute to their son.

In their ad with the Westerwald newspaper in their local town, Gunter and Ursula Lubitz in a homage to their son described their son as a ‘lovely and valuable person.’

The advertisement comes as the first public expression of grief from the mother and father of the man who has become reviled for the mass murder-suicide.

The crash came to take place after the depressed and increasingly suicidal, Lubitz managed to evade health and safety checks, which allowed him to remain flying until he decided to end his life on March 24 last year while at the controls of Flight 4U9525 en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.

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Andreas Lubitz tribute advertisement
A copy of the tribute advertisement that Andreas Lubitz’ parents placed.

In the newspaper announcement his parents thanked friends and relatives who had stood by them. 

The tribute, which features a photo of Lubitz, said: ‘Thanks to everyone in the town of Montabaur for cohesion and the protected space that you created for us.’ 

‘Thank you for every written line, every flower placed on his grave, every comforting word, every visit, every loving or silent embrace,’

The parents described a ‘year of horror and fear, without rest, of speechlessness and despair and unexpressed mourning. We have lost a lovely and valuable person.’

That said the tribute has hardly gone down too well with some of the families relatives.

Told the incensed parents of victim Sebastian S., 24 referencing the area of the crash which has since become a memorium: ‘We can visit our assassinated child only at this spot. The parents of Lubitz describe him as a valuable human being. You cannot describe our anger in words.’

Jürgen Fareed from Wesseling, who lost his son, also told: ‘I can understand the grief of the parents, they have lost their son.

‘But with this thanksgiving in the public domain where there is not a to go where not a word of mention of the 149 people this man murdered – this is ignorance and impiety.’

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