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Andreas Lubitz researched suicide methods, cockpit security day before crash

Andreas Lubitz researched suicide methods
How Andreas Lubitz planned to bring down Germanwings.

German prosecutors have released new information indicating that Germanwings co pilot, Andreas Lubitz researched suicide and the security of cockpit doors literally days before the March 24 crash of Germanwings flight 9525.

The assertion comes after prosecutors found a tablet computer at the co pilot’s Dusseldorf  apartment after re constructing searches from March 16 to March 23.

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Prosecutor spokesman Ralf Herrenbrueck said the search terms included medical treatment and suicide methods, while on at least one day, the pilot looked at terms involving cockpit doors and their security methods.

The revelation comes after investigators disclosed that Lubitz had lied to doctors and told them he was on sick leave rather than flying commercial planes.

Lubitz, 27, reportedly told doctors about his job and employer, but he deliberately concealed that he was still working reports German tabloid, Bild.

Had Lubitz told doctors he was still flying, it is thought doctors might have felt compelled to break their vow of patient confidentiality and inform his employers because he might be a danger to others.

German prosecutors have said Lubitz was diagnosed as suicidal ‘several years ago’, before he became a pilot. He informed Lufthansa about his illness in 2009 after interrupting his flight training.

Others, including this author believe it is more dangerous that an individual with a mental illness who declines not to seek treatment because he does not trust his doctor and fears the consequences of state or employer sanctions because of private disclosures. Raising the question at what point does simply saying one does not feel well lead to one potentially losing one’s employment, custody of children, etc for example.

Andreas Lubitz researched suicide methods

In other developments, French investigators have told that they have found the second blackbox of the Germanwings flight.

It is thought that the data recorder may offer new insights into the final moments of the flight.

Marseille Prosecutor Brice Robin’s office said he will give a news conference on Thursday evening about the discovery, according to AP.

The flight recorder documents details of the flight, including airspeed, thrust, flap settings, and descent and ascent rates, among other things.

Analysis of the first black box, which contained the audio recording of cockpit communications, revealed that Lubtiz was alone at the controls at the time of the crash and appears to have intentionally downed the plane.

Meanwhile, investigators have found mobile phones amid the wreckage of the crash but they are yet to be thoroughly examined.

It has been suggested that some passengers may have made frantic attempts to call loved ones moments before crashing into the Alpine mountain at more than 400mph.

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