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Andreas Lubitz girlfriend broke up cause he told her he was planning crash

Andreas Lubitz girlfriend
Andreas Lubitz with his girlfriend who had broken up with the man after learning of what he had planned.

It has been revealed that Andreas Guenter Lubitz, the co pilot who purposefully crashed a Germanwings plane carrying 144 passengers and five co workers had previously anticipated his actions in a declaration to his girlfriend of seven years.

According to a report via Germany’s Bild magazine, Andreas Lubitz told his girlfriend he was in psychiatric treatment and that he was planning a spectacular gesture that everyone would remember where his name would live on in eternity.

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Told the woman, a 26 year old flight attendant whose is using the fictional name of Maria W to protect her identity: When I heard about the crash, I remembered a sentence, over and over again, that he said,’

‘One day I’ll do something that will change the system, and then everyone will know my name and remember it,’

‘I didn’t know what he meant by that at the time, but now it’s obvious,’

‘He did it because he realized that, due to his health problems, his big dream of working at Lufthansa, of a having job as a pilot, and as a pilot on long-distance flights, was nearly impossible.’

Andreas Lubitz girlfriend

Added the woman: ‘He never talked much about his illness, only that he was in psychiatric treatment.’

From there the woman would tell that she eventually decided to break up with Lubitz because she was by then afraid of him.

Recalling instances of the co pilot’s erratic behavior: ‘He would suddenly freak out in conversations and yell at me,’

‘At night he would wake up screaming ‘we are crashing’ because he had nightmares. He could be good at hiding what was really going on inside him.’

The woman also told the paper: ‘We always talked a lot about work and then he became a different person. He became upset about the conditions we worked under: too little money, fear of losing the contract, too much pressure.’

The revelations come after German authorities told how they had found torn-up sick notes showing that Lubitz was suffering from an illness that should have grounded him on the day of the tragedy. Germanwings, the budget airline of the flag carrier Lufthansa, has said he had not submitted any sick note at the time.

A Lufthansa spokesman declined to comment. However, the company and its lost-cost subsidiary Germanwings took out full-page advertisements in major German newspapers on Saturday, expressing its ‘deepest mourning.’

Since the crash investigators have told that they have yet to discover a suicide note or anything that hinted what he was about to do or political or religious agenda. It would also be revealed that Andreas Lubitz in an effort towards reconciliation with his estranged girlfriend had recently bought her an Audi which she refused to accept delivery of.

Andreas Lubitz girlfriend

Andreas Lubitz girlfriend

Andreas Lubitz girlfriend



  1. New evidence caused by NATO WAR PLANES GAMES???…Sounds more likely -The truth will come out as Germany is not about to let this one slide…sorry Yanks you picked the wrong country to mess with! Messing with a German woman is no picnic…My prayers are for AL’s his parents and sibling and all the other families involved. May Almighty God Bless them and inflame them with the peace of the Sacred Heart of Lord Jesus Christ AMEN!

  2. I agree for the two photos with the guy without the hat but the last guy looks very Hispanic or a fair Mexican not at all German …the more I observe the different photos, the more I think HyperNoob has a valid point…even his ears stick out compared to the guy with the hat on…check it out

  3. They are different people. They don’t even have the same ears, eyes or mouth. It’s pretty obvious that they just looked up Andreas’ name on google and you’re not lucky if you have the same name as a person in the spotlight for doing something terrible.

  4. I was going to respond with something relevant, but after reading the comments first….is there anyone in here who is sane?

  5. Yes you’re right, he was happy and normal looking before receiving his training in the States, however depression can also change a person’s appearance too as well as something frightful or depressing news or experience he may have had. He looked like a changed man, sad and burnt out and having to please so many people can also make someone burn out. It puts one of flying planes with Germanwings (also before this crash, the pilots for Germanwings had many strikes before the run up to the fatal day) I hope his death will not go in vain…I hope he will change the system as he had hoped he would do and maybe also change the fuel that Germanwings fly on. And if a mobile phone camera was on at the time there’s a breech of safety ruling as these phones are not supposed to work and they are deemed dangerous on flights…maybe I misheard this info…correct me if I am wrong!

  6. His girl-friends could have been AIC agents and this would account for why he didn’t trust them! AIC are good at planting sick notes and pills…we only have to look at history and they are excellent at vilifying someone who digs too deep into any story, they always bump them off or say its suicidal of a mad man/woman. The late Andreas Lubitz might have dug too deep hence why he wanted to change the system and be remembered for it…and for a German man speaking English it is highly unlikely or very rare let alone think in German too! Likewise for the experienced pilot asking Andreas in American English to open ‘the goddam door’ is highly unlikely!…AIC might fool the general public (those who are not allowed to think for themselves) but those in the know and close to the AIC are not fooled! Germans and French would not use American English in a state of emergency or when their life was at risk…We all revert back to our mother tongue when we face death! Its elementary stuff Don’t believe the social media hype again its well paid garbage! Where does the info come from when none of the audio files on the black boxes have not been fully documented yet according to the French??? Now there’s evidence of video footage when everything else including one black box is totalled! Ciao!


  8. For a
    plane nearly half full of fuel, why didn’t it burst into flames like normal
    planes that hit mountains tend to do?…And splashing out on money he didn’t
    have…the girlfriend who implied it clearly wasn’t aware of what suicidal
    behaviour looks like (they will normally spend money just before the attempt or
    give away their things)…clearly he wasn’t happy to be told he was a daddy at
    27…28 years old on top of all the problems he had on his plate…very
    insensitive thing to do and clearly not a loving gesture from a girlfriend…I
    also blame his parents or community for them its lessons to be learned…Your
    son cannot be the most popular guy on the block with oodles of friends and also
    the quiet one all studious passing exams…Lower your expectations of your
    children and allow them to live their lives free your control…that would be
    your greatest your contribution to our society! I doubt it that he was dumped
    by the girlfriend and in fact I don’t think it was anything to do with her
    pregnancy claims.(DNA would justified in this case)

  9. I think that Andreas was not a crazy man, he had to be given more support and so on, probably take a brak or holidays this time… And i really dont understand the girlfriend!! Be with a man for 7 years and today when he has hard times and need more help and understanding – she just decides to give up and get away… I believe that everyone has sometimes depression and takes medicine and so on, it can happen with everyone. But i see that the girl is fool!!! (I understand that he could not discuss his problems with parents, for example, but talked to girl). This crach is horrible tragedy for us and it was personal tragedy of copilot Andreas Lubitz… PS: there are already so many “Andreas Lubitz” in the Inet… so many other men… Pity that media works so bad…

  10. Are u guys / girls even aware your pictures are showing 2 different men…i cant say nothing more about that.

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