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Alec Baldwin stalker got to sleep on excrement at Rikers. Suffered heart attack….


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It seems life for Alec Baldwin stalker, Genevieve Sabourin has gone from horrendous to outright bleak as the faux actress went on to tell yesterday that she suffered a heart attack after being forced to sleep in a cell at Rikers Island covered with excrement.

Making matters worse, Sabourin went on to tell she ended up being billed for her medical treatment, because as a non US citizen the 41 year old isn’t eligible for Medicare.

Sabourin’s latest travails come off the back of her being sentenced to to 210 in jail after she was found guilty of aggravated harassment, stalking and attempted criminal contempt among 23 other counts.

Told the actress down on her luck: ‘I have slept on the floor for three days. It was covered in excrement. I had a heart attack.’

Since being taken off from court in handcuffs last week, Sabourin has been held at Central Booking, the Tombs and now Rikers.

Sabourin did not make clear where the ‘excrement’ was on the floor.

At present Genevieve Sabourin is due to appear in court today and is scheduled to be released from prison March 30, 2014. That said one suspects her sense of imprisonment will be ongoing after her eventual release.

Interestingly the City of New York Department of Correction has declined to comment on her case. Can anyone guess why?