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Here is a picture of a cockatoo who went bald from meth lab.


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Lollibaby the cockatoo can count its lucky blessings after being rescued from a meth lab whereby the hapless parrot went on to lose most of its feathers after being exposed to dangerous toxins used in the manufacturing of crystal meth.

The cockatoo first came to authorities attention after a recent drug raid whereby they found the cockatoo bald and emaciated.

It is thought the cockatoo by virtue of being within close vicinity to where much of the synthetic drug was being manufactured fell ill after permeating poison in the air affected it.

Told Joseph Clapp, who works at the ‘One Pet Shop,’ where Lollibaby is now recovering: ‘We’re trying to get her back to health. 

‘It’s going to be six to eight months, and it may take longer than that because we’re just not sure.’

‘Imagine what [meth] does to children, and [with] birds and animals, it can still have an effect.’

The store goes on to tell Lollibaby is now making daily improvements, courtesy of fundraising for her long-term care and has already gone on to put weight  back on after having lost its appetite after being subjected to poisonous fumes.

Tennessee has among the highest number of meth lab seizures in the U.S. It was the first state in the U.S. to create a meth offender registry.

One Stop Pet Shop says Lollibaby will not be put up for adoption, but they are asking for help in her long and expensive recovery.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact the pet shop:

One Stop Pet Shop

109 South Front Street

Rockwood, TN

(865) 354-1297

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