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Drug dealer passes out in cab with $450 000 crystal meth lab in his backpack.


Should you be passing out in cabs when you have your mobile crystal meth factory in your backpack?

In a situation more surreal than the intended experience of the drugs in possession, police apprehended a man who was said to be essentially carrying a mobile crystal meth lab factory in his backpack, forcing police to call in firefighters for fear the highly flammable equipment could suddenly explode.

dailymaik.co.uk: A man who passed out in a cab on Christmas afternoon raised the suspicion of his driver after he failed to wake up at his destination.

The cabbie, who was not named, said he picked up Joseph Hoffman, 25, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and that Hoffman was happily chatting on a cell phone during the trip to a house in Rogers Park.

But by the time the arrived at the destination, however, Hoffman was passed out cold.

Passed out cold because maybe he had been imbibing on the good shit and was now simply wacked. Of course that still presented a problem, what was the cab driver going to do with the seemingly harmless guy fast asleep in the back of his cab?

After spending 10 minutes trying to wake up the passenger, the spooked driver called the police.

Officers were on the scene quickly, fearing that the passenger might have suffered a heart attack. But when they searched Hoffman’s backpack they allegedly found a almost half a million dollars worth of drugs – and what appeared to be a mobile methamphetamine laboratory.

Arresting officers said they found a ‘clear, crystalline substance’ connected by wires to a power source.

Does this sound like a good situation to be in if you happen to be the dude transporting his mini crystal lab factory?

But it gets better…

Police also allegedly recovered bags of marijuana, a gallon jug filled with the ‘date-rape drug’ GHB and $1,400 in cash at the house where Hoffman was staying.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Hoffman, who is from Washington, was charged with six felonies and held on $100,000 bail.

The cab driver in turn was counting his blessings for not being blown sky high had he inadvertently taken a bump, while our collective mobile man faces a long stretch behind bars.

The moral of the story: sometimes you’re an inch away from capitulation, whether you know it or not, high or not….

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