Home Scandal and Gossip Does your math professor run a crystal meth lab too?

Does your math professor run a crystal meth lab too?

Is your meth dealer a sweet 74 year old lady with a strange accent kids?
Is your meth dealer a sweet 74 year old lady with a strange accent kids?

Even math professors have to pick up second jobs…

If only you were enrolled in one of Professor Irina Kristy‘s classes you’d see your grades go way up too, or maybe not.

Whilst not teaching calculus and quadratic equations at Boston University 74 year old Ms Kristy would don her cooking apron and set her mind to the gritty task of making some finger licking home made apple pie crystal meth. One can imagine there must have been a busy line knocking on Ms Kristy’s door the moment she returned from day’s class. Rest assured, Ms Kristy didn’t have to do all the slugging by herself as she had her 29 year old son Grigory Genkin (yes, it’s all in the family thank you very much) shlepping around the house helping the neighborhood get their hands on the good shit too.

Unfortunately for Ms Kristy and her drug addict son, things took a turn for the worse when police decided to turn up and inspect Ms Kristy’s living quarters (that’s what happens when your son keeps turning up strung out like a banshee on the streets kids) whereupon they discovered enough of the good shit to have Ms Kristy’s side business immediately closed down.

When word got round down the street, the school in their wisdom decided to put Ms Kristy on administrative leave.

But just in case you want a finer sense of how things were going in the classroom, here are what some anonymous students had to say about being Ms Kristy’s students:


“Not a good professor at all but if you’re just looking to satisfy a math general requirement and you’ve taken calculus before, this class is an easy A. There are weekly homeworks and quizzes but often she’ll go over exactly what will be on the quiz. For midterms/finals she basically tells you the problems beforehand.”

“This professor is the WORST. She’s impossible to understand, and she rambles forever (so much that you don’t have any time to finish quizzes, so work FAST). AVOID THIS PROFESSOR AT ALL COSTS.”

Rambling cause she’s off her rocker or because she loves engaging the world at a 456 miles per hour of pure velocity?

Had to drop her class because I couldn’t understand her because of the accent. She was very eccentric. Had her tutor me in the ‘math help’ room a few times, she would fall asleep while writing then i’d wake her up and she’d try and drink her empty coffee.

“She is extremely hard to understand. She never answers the problem correctly. I got more confused the more I went to class. NEVER take her unless you absolutely have to. She’s a nice lady but gets flustered easily.”

Get’s flustered easily? Bixch you would too if you had to turn up to a day job if you’d spent the night before smoking the good shit and high fiving it with the local meth heads banging on your kitchen door. Please nigga!


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