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Miley Cyrus would like to show off to you her new $127K Mercedes Benz.


At only 19 Miley Cyrus, would like to show you her latest acquisition…

Kids, it looks like hard work, family connections, constant whoring in the media and a modicum of talent can go a long way these days. Point in case, Miley Cyrus who recently ponied up a cool $127 000 in cash for her new 2012 SL 550 Mercedes Benz. 

Said to be able to go from 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds (did you expect any less for Miley?) the young star is said to be elated that finally she can call this car her very own. Her first car at the age of 16, also a fast car was a Porsche but had Miley slightly miffed on account that it was legally under her mother’s name and had been a present to her.

As to her driving skills? Miley insists she’s a good driver but does admit that she makes her mom a nervous wreck every time she gets behind the wheel. Can you guess why?

Don’t you wish you could live a life as flamboyant and opulent as Miley’s? Never mind we’re sure if Miley ever comes across you at the bus stop she’ll be more than happy to offer you a lift. Or maybe not…


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    It’s amazing that these videos always show these country singers in red pickups…wonder how many of them would be caught dead in one in real life…my guess is not many. So much for authentic country.