Home Scandal and Gossip Charlie Sheen would like to confess he’s hardly aging gracefully.

Charlie Sheen would like to confess he’s hardly aging gracefully.

Coco Sheen will always be a preferred hawt bixch
Coco Sheen will always be a preferred hawt bixch

Kids, at least Charlie can afford to replace his fallen out teeth with gold teeth.

There’s nothing like a reality check to sober up us mere mortals. That said, it’s time to introduce this months most deteriorated human being award with the proud receiver being Charlie ‘I smoked so much crack I smoked my life away’ Sheen. And what a pretty sight this hawt bixch makes. While Lindsay Lohan our other preferred hero is now walking around with a double chin(it seems to be on autopilot and no amount of photo shopping can get rid off it in real life), our hawt bixch Charlie is walking around with cruddy gold teeth, jowls, grey weeds for sideburns and a hair job that says ‘my wig was used this morning to scrub my back when I took a morning shower’ look about it.

Never mind Charlie ‘I’m no longer winniiiing’ Sheen is still in easy road as he enjoys the riches of his labors and prowls the Californian sunset with his charm, a rolodex of preferred hookers, his black Amex card and that thing called his fast deteriorating looks.

Coco you are indeed a hawt bixch.

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  1. Its dumbasses like you that stress these ppl out and cause them to turn to drugs to escape reality. Just imagine having a camera on u 24/7 with ppl judging your every move. If i were a celeb I’d take ur cameras turn that sum bitch sideways and stick it up your candy ass!

  2. Hes freakin 46 years old. How pathetic are you people, insulting someone over their looks. What is this, high school. Lindsay has a double chin??? Look at her playboy pics. I don’t see a double chin. The dumb fuck who wrote this article should not have the title of journalist. Obviously the person who wrote this article has some personal issues, nitpicking at celebrities flaws to make he/she feel better.

  3. oh please..he is terrible on the first pic like every people on some bad light and bad angle..whereas in the second pic he looks pretty good..and he has 46 years old not 20 years old anymore losers celeb medias columnists (and just like that show me your picture..haha, i want a good laugh)  !! And finally for all his excesses he looks quite good (see the second picture) and he doesn’t hide under some pathetic plastic surgery unlike other shallow celeb !

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