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Katie Couric- the end of the overpaid anchor?


Who will guide us through the cross currents of world news once “America’s Sweetheart” Katie Couric and her $15 million salary are off CBS’s books?- assuming of course there is anyone left to be guided at all.

WSJ.com: News anchor Katie Couric will likely choose to leave her “CBS Evening News” chair and make a jump to daytime television when her contract expires in June, according to people familiar with the situation.

The void left by Katie’s evening news exit will surely prove itself difficult to fill, with studios mulling various replacements- and while Ms Couric might be fielding mounting offers- one has to wonder, does any of this really matter?

As of Monday, Ms. Couric’s spokesman Matthew Hiltzik said she hadn’t made a choice regarding her television career. “Katie is considering various options but hasn’t made a decision about her future,” he said.

Couric’s mass viewer exodus has quietly been more destructive to CBS than the public brawl between it and enfant terrible Charlie Sheen– which conveniently has acted as a wonderful smokescreen to the exodus at the hands of America’s darling.

Of course we should wonder, has Ms Couric’s failure at CBS to bring in an audience been a reflection of her own brand failure or a more systemic trend in declining cable viewership and apathy?

A recently commissioned study shows the top three evening newscasts experiencing  a 44.5% decline in viewers since 1980. Current events are now consumed on demand, releasing us from the tether of prime-time news broadcasts.

The real conundrum is: Is the highly paid prime-time news anchor a failing model? Did Katie see the writing on the wall and decide to leave with grace instead of the embarrassing alternative?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: Once TV execs realize Katie Couric is but a wolf in sheep’s clothing, TV Land will be a much safer- and slightly less annoying- place.



  1. She was actually paid 22 million by some reports, and earned 65 million in one year. What a twot.

  2. 65 million dollar salary for this vapid ignorant twit. She is truly awful. Why would she deserve such an obscene salary? The reason why the middle class has no pay growth is the goons at the top end, sucking the pie dry.

  3. “Katie is considering various options but hasn’t made a decision about her future,” he said.
    She may have to resort to her old fall back position that got her the job……the missionary one.

  4. Dear CBS. I offer my services. You only need to pay my 500k per year and I guarantee higher ratings. You see, I’m an average working person and I know how to talk to people without talking down to them.

  5. Katie needs to blame Self for her failure to be a great CBS anchor. Katie never had it to be a great anchor.

  6. Katie needs to blame herself not anyone else for her incompetence as a news anchor. Katie last too long, should have been fired after 90 days. Typical leftwing snot.

  7. A news anchor is supposed to just read the news in a way that is clear and understandable. She should not be a star in and of herself. That only distracts from hearing the news.

    And why is the Web so much better for news than broadcast? For the same reason print is better. You can skip over the stories you’re not interested in instead of wasting time waiting for them to be over.

    In TV news, 60% of the news is fluff, and another 35% is rehashing the same top stories with little or no new information.

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