Home Scandal and Gossip Charlie Sheen produces one more disturbing online rant: ‘Apocalypse Me.’

Charlie Sheen produces one more disturbing online rant: ‘Apocalypse Me.’


Coco flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

In the continued made for you saga called ” I was made for shocking entertaining you and drinking tiger’s blood,’ Coco Sheen has come out with another rant that will leave even the most cryptic members of society smiling through Coco’s missing teeth.

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In Coco’s latest academy award winning infomercial, Coco does a marvelous interpretation of the role of what once made his father (Martin Sheen) famous in Apocalypse Now– with a drunken meltdown and somewhere in the video CoCo alludes he’s drinking something but the bitch wont tell us what and since he’s drinking all that moonshine he then turns around and asks which one of us out there would like to be Coco’s personal intern.

Kids you already know me and the chipmunks are turning garbage bins on the street right now looking for pints of tiger’s blood cause if we were interns I know that’s what Coco would have us do when he finally got round to waking up from Sodom and Gomarah.

Don’t you wish you were an out of controlled over paid movie star too?

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