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Justin Bieber’s- look alike -Jamie Laou is now nearly as famous as Justin.


How to get 50 000 twitter followers simply because you resemble a teenage icon.

17 year old Jamie Laou from Sydney, Australia seems to be having the time of his life these days. Why? Because suddenly he is getting to live the adulation and attention of a real life rock star- even if at best he just barely resembles one.

newser: Apparently, all it takes to earn your very own set of tween groupies these days is an eerie likeness to Justin Bieber. That’s what 17-year-old Australian high school student Jamie Laou has going for him. Laou went from a random Twitter user in July to, this weekend, a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, Gawker reports.

Which if anything should have Jamie Laou at least blushing with joy or at least apprehension. But if the video below is any guide it seems Jamie Laou has already almost assumed the title of rock star and is owning the moment as his very own.

Which has us wondering is there a movie or music deal on the back burner for Jamie?

Let’s hope Jamie Laou at least gets his own reality show- because when pretense begins to resemble reality one ought to wonder if reality really matters anymore?

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  • Kyle Livingston

    i think jamie laou should have his own show on disney channel based on justin bieber’s life when he was younger and put him in a canadian-american accent