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Peter Davis: ‘Better to be mugged than to be murdered.’


Man about town Peter Davis robbed in Chelsea.

Preferred socialite and dandy writer du jour (and personal friend) Peter Davis has had the unfortunate pleasure of becoming an added casualty to the cities crime record. The NY Trash Post explains…

NY Post:Man about town Peter Davis was robbed in Chelsea the other night. After attending a benefit and dropping by club Avenue, fashion writer Davis, nattily dressed in a tuxedo, was walking west on 18th Street toward Ninth Avenue to hail a cab on Nov. 17. Along the way, he was jumped by two thugs who stuck an object in his back and took his Rolex Daytona watch and $163 in cash, according to a po lice report. Luckily, Davis wasn’t badly hurt, but neither the perps nor the goods have been found. He declined to comment but wrote on Twitter, “Better to be mugged than murdered.”

Which goes to show that crime spares no one, no matter how beautiful, famous or talented you are. Which reminds me of the time I had the pleasure of having a crazed individual once pointing a knife at me when I told him to stop playing his boom box on the train. I was happy to get off the next stop slightly shaken…

Of course, if we had a chance, we would have made off with Peter’s tuxedo. Oh dear, the traversty of life…

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