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All the pretty people came to the Museum of Arts and Design Gala- the Fluorescentball.

Photography by Steve Sands. Waris Ahluwalia to the left.

Kids- I have a confession to make, I’m still applying swabbing to my eyes as a result of being inundated by so many fluid fluorescent colors at last night’s gala soiree at the Museum of Arts and Design. Which is to say the event was a knock out success and full of wonderful shiny people we’ve all come to adore.

Leading the pack with his own beauticious cheek bones was Polo Ralph Lauren cover model Tyson Beckford and his cohort who was apparently quite smitten with the gregarious Mr Tyson (or was he the one who was quite smitten- safe to say there were fireworks that forced me to duck).

Also there to greet guests was co chair Waris Ahluwalia who charmed the pants out of this reporter. Asked what inspired his involvement, Mr Ahluwalia offered at this stage it was a gradual escalation of events and that this year following on from the paper and metal events was just a natural progression.

Hovering in the background were the photogenic delights of Alison Brie and of course Mr Peter Davis, dandy and socialite editor at large with his long time friend Dani Stahl who made a delicious eyesore in her sequined attire. Never mind Mr Davis who came as a candy mall shop in over redux.

Tyson Beckford and guest.
Peter Davis and Dani Stahl