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THE DAWN OF THE DEAD: The Fashionably Elite Gay Media Ignore Occupy Wall Street

Avenue Magazine's Peter Davis.

Peter Davis: ‘Don’t insult me without first consulting me!’

The world and our country are going to hell in a hand basket. The crowd that rose up to fight with all of their might for passage of gay marriage, referred to by many within the movement, “the greatest civil rights issues of our time”, remain notoriously silent about what is truly the greatest issue of our time, equity for mankind. Many of us who had nothing to gain and perhaps nothing to lose stood by you. When you rallied against the bullying of gays, again we stood by you. But now when your fellow man is assaulted and demoralized you are too busy sucking on the teets of power to concern yourself.

With the exception of Rachel Maddow, so many of the Fashionably Elite in the Gay Social Media were too busy blogging about their next pair of shoes or the Studio 54 Grand re-opening to concern themselves with the arrest of journalists or the violation of civil rights of people that perhaps were not quite stylish enough to be associated with.

The grand re-opening of Studio 54 garners more attention on their blogs and in their Paper Magazine postings than the human revolution going on around them or the excessive force being used against petite young citizens who look like they have been on a Ramen Noodle diet for too long, but nevertheless require several muscular white shirt gorillas from the NYPD to wrestle them to the ground. Did you even notice real journalists like Naomi Wolf being arrested? Bitch, I am glad you got a nice photo of yourself on your iPhone with Jenna Jameson or some has been from yester year but you seriously need to wake the fuck up.

Derek Blasberg

You are the so called “elite media”— yeah right go do another line of blow and party at Studio 54, you are already dead in my eyes even if you still breathe to blog another day.

The grand re- opening of Studio 54 was an Aphrodisiac for Necrophiliacs, the rise of the soul less to party around what remains of America’s economic carcass. Posing next to porn stars and celebs from yester- year hardly makes you a journalist. It is only evidence that what remains of the Fourth Estate may insure the demise of our republic. Go do another line and get back to me. Peter Davis and your fashionably elite ilk…you are dead and now utterly irrelevant. I am sick of the endless posing by the so called elite around issues that do not require any testicular fortitude to stand behind but only provide you an opportunity to wear a nice outfit.

Niggah please!

Wake up Sheeple! The battle did not end with the passage of gay marriage.



  1. An ignorant thug presumably guarding Zuccotti Park for Brookfield Properties was quite effective in his  intimidation of journalists covering Occupy Wall Street. According to Truthdig.com a Security at Zuccotti stated to a journ’alist ‘Your Fly’s Open Faggot’His conduct  illustrates that the contempt for the 99%  is surely quite diverse. They do not like poor people, college students, the unemployed, the underemployed, professionals, lawyers professors, journalists,liberals, hippies, anarchists, straights, gays and what’s next “get away you commie Jew?” Now I do not know what this Journalist’s sexual preference is and I highly doubt that he made it widely known to the Der Fuhrer Bloomberg’s band of thugs guarding Zuccotti but as  I and many others have long stated be careful when the Police State comes. It begins with de-humanization tactics. They always start looking for someone else, someone who is so unlike you, not a ‘responsible’ member of society. But then they always come around to look for folks of your ilk as well.Trust me it is inevitable. First it is people you do not care about, then its the faggots, the niggers and then lastly the Jews. It’s coming, don’t say you were not warned.

  2. TRUE. In all candor I will say in their defense that those affiliated or associated with mainstream media or society oriented publications risk alienating their publishers and luxury advertisers and financiers by appearing in any way shape of form aligning themselves with a movement which questions the existing social order. Should they do so, even in their Facebook postings they might be at risk of losing their job.  Nevertheless, while I think many can, will and do finesse their support for aspects of Occupy Wall Street, one can draw a line in the sand when the Mayor and the NYPD over reach and violate the rights of citizens to peacefully protest or beat journalists and pepper spray young girls. If we remain silent there we are contributing the denigration of America.

  3. Lazy: You better check yourself on that score. When you say that “The story should be here that vapid celebrities and fashionistas, as a whole, don’t give a shit about anything other than their money.  There is really no need to drill down on the gay angle” you are half right. The Fashionable Elite Gay Media is very real and while they can feel free to choose to ignore supporting Occupy Wall Street, I beg to differ that with their power and influence that they should also be alleviated from a responsibility not to ignore the denial of civil rights to those who have been abused at OWS. There are in fact many in the LGBT communuty at Occupy Wall Street, but their elite media friends have thus far chosen to do more than turn a blind eye to police brutality against citizens, all citizens of every persuasion. They deserve as much of a wake up call as the lame stream media for their continued focus on the culture of distraction.

  4. Wow, is this article ever a lazy-minded homophobic pile of crap.  Why exactly do gay people owe a special debt to wall street protesters?  To thank lefties for recognizing that we have human rights?  Should we kiss your feet because you fought to “give” us rights like some kind of present?  We have rights, and not a right to a bullshit double standard that says we have to be more involved in social justice issues than straight people.  The onus is on all people, equally, to support equity and social justice among free people. And this “gay elite” nonsense just feeds into a tired right-wing trope that tries to portray gay people as pampered and privileged and therefore unworthy of legal protections.  Recent studies have estimated that 40% of homeless youth are LGBT, LGBT people are burdened with having to pay for expensive legal workarounds of the DOMA, we pay taxes to fund benefit programs that we are subsequently denied access to, and we are unfairly denied access to job opportunities and promotions across the board.  The story should be here that vapid celebrities and fashionistas, as a whole, don’t give a shit about anything other than their money.  There is really no need to drill down on the gay angle.

  5. You continue to prove that I am right. The horse needs to be killed. The Fashionable Gay Media Elite, especially the men, care more about being part of the establishment than challenging or fighting the establishment. How else do you explain their ignoring the dehumanization and abuse of Occupy Wall Street supporters at the hands of a hyper militarized police force?

    While the decision to support Occupy Wall Street is a choice, ignoring human rights violations and the denial of civil liberties of your fellow citizens is not a choice. It is highly hypocritical when many of the fashionable elite society and social media figures to great effect highlighted the issue of gay bullying not now turn a blind eye to police brutality. I am not singling out the gay community in general. There are in fact LGBT members who are supporters of Occupy Wall Street. This is however, a wakeup call to some of the fashionable elite media who used their blogs and their fashionable publications to remind society of the intolerance exhibited by gay bullying and bashing but who somehow now see the violation of the human rights of, in the words of one designer, the “smelly, uneducated, anarchist, communists who need to go home and take a shower”, as somehow irrelevant. Powerful media forces seek to dehumanize Occupy Wall Street supporters so that they can feel comfortable in rationalizing or ignoring the denial of basic human decency to those who are on the front lines of this movement. In their eyes certain social misfits are unworthy of constitutional protection. Many in the LGBT community see the indifference of the elite within their community.

  6. I got it!  You’ve made your point…in spades!  And dad you didn’t talk down to me…you were merely clarifying your initial stance!  I got it, I got it, I got it.
    Although I think your comments would be better suited to those people directly for whom you’re speaking about.  Maybe you can make them see the errors of their ways, or the negligence of their lack of media attention which they obviously couldn’t give a crap about!  You’re right, unless it happens to one of their own, then they see no glamorous value in giving it any attention.
    In fact, I just had a very heated discussion on FB, prompted by your commentary, with a fashion designer (obviously gay) who actually referred to the OWS protesters as, let me see if I can quote him accurately, “smelly, uneducated, anarchist, communists who need to go home and take a shower”.  He also went on to say that they should be “ashamed of themselves and ask their parents for forgiveness for the embarrassment that they’ve caused them and the city of New York” and he continued  to applaud the efforts of the NYC police “thugs”, all the while still flirting with me. He watches FOX News and dresses alot of their anchors. He was most unpopular today in my group discussion, who did chime in defense of my opinion and the support of the OWS protesters!  I obviously defriended him from my 5000 plus list
    So you see, you have won over one “fashionably elite gay media” influencer!
    Although I’m not Derek Blasberg or Peter Davis, I do have some sort of clout!

    Let’s end this on a positive note….I agree with what you say!

    It’s just that you don’t need to kill the horse, to get the tick off…. or is that you don’t have to tick the horse off, to ride the kill.  

    Montgomery Frazier “The Image Guru”

  7. By virtue of is reply, you just invited me to talk down to you actually. Of course I did not go to the Studio 54 Party. Son, you clearly do not understand, get it, get me or what I do. There is absolutely no contradiction in documenting meaningful philanthropy and cultural life in New York City and offering critique of an Indifferent Gay Social Media Elite that calls “Gay Marriage the most significant civil rights issue of our time” and then chooses to ignore the beating with metal batons, wooden nightsticks and pepper spraying of smaller and weaker citizens at the hands of a hyper militarized police force. This makes these folks hypocrites.   Covering Philanthropy and cultural life in New York City does not require me to suck on the teets of power and look the other way as the Mayor I voted for 3 times authorizes a hyper militarized police force in riot gear to  use excessive force against unarmed and inconvenient citizens. Check out Patricia Duff’s organization called “The Common Good”. For that matter there are many philanthropic and enlightened people who realize that America requires significant reform if we are to sustain this nation and some are willing to put themselves on the front lines, in harms way. My call out was not of every gay man or woman but of those rather in the powerful and fashionable elite gay social media circles who were very outspoken on the issues of gay marriage and gay bullying and used their prolific platforms to great effect. Fact is that there are many of all sexual persuasions, professional and creative backgrounds involved with and supportive of Occupy Wall Street.So if I call out a few indifferent cowardly bastards who turn the other way while the civil rights or their fellow citizens are being violated so be it. The contradiction my friend lay not with me but with those who engage in a soulful and philanthropic pose and then turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering in their own city. Maybe someday a policeman’s nightstick will find its way to the skull of a Christian Louboutin wearing dilettante and then folks like Peter Davis will all of a sudden realize something is terribly awry.

  8. Yes and you were there too…no?  I chose not to attend because I saw no value in it for me!  A re-lived scene of Hedonistic bullshit, just with a cast of LESSER PLAYERS!

    I understand only too well, don’t talk down to me!  YOU can’t have it both ways, and then you post a picture of your #1 culprit Derek Blasberg!

    You’re contradicting your own rhetoric and then you have a site called ManhattanSociety.com…..do you get my drift?  You report on it and then you condemn it, which is it going to be??????

    Maybe you should be working in politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. On your last commentary, I bid you a fond and farewell goodnight. Yes, you may be on the right side of history in this case, which I believe you are, but I still maintain there is a time and place to pick your battles. 

    This battle has yet to begin for me!  You have made me think about your discourse, so in that respect your rather affrontatious approach has proven to be effective!


  10. Well not to sound forceful but you need to swallow it. While it does not taste so good it is the damn truth. Many in the gay community know it is the media trendonista’s within their own sphere of influence who turn their blind eye to the use of excessive force by hyper militarized police in riot gear to intimidate peaceful demonstrators, that are actually part of the problem. This is not some widespread attack on all gay people. It is an attack on those who have a powerful social media platform and voice but  who are more consumed with maintaining their Avenue Insider status. They will get all dressed up for a Gay Pride Parade and report about the intolerance in our society leveled by anyone who so much as sneers in an intolerant way towards the rights of gays because it will get tons of traffic, slaps on the back and kudos from their elite friends. Yet somehow associating yourself with the defense of misfits, the unstylish, the unkempt, downtrodden, the poor, the homeless is well rather inconvenient so they must dehumanize those citizens so that they can rationalize that they are somehow less worthy of constitutional protection.

    And in terms of getting them on my side, what am I supposed to do? These folks are smart. They have brains. They have climbed the media food chain. They have power. They see what is going on, yet they can be overheard dismissing Occupy Wall Street with comments like “those smelly and gross people should just go away already.” Honestly, fuck’em. They will wait until it is too late like many did in Nazi, Germany when they began rounding up Jews. You think writing about this stuff is good for me? It’s not. It makes people very uncomfortable but in my heart I know that I am on the right side of history, win or lose and if it should cause some elite folks to turn away from  me, so be it. C’est la fukin vie!

  11. I am not singling out gays per se. Let me explain this better for you since you clearly do not understand.  Fact is that there are many gay, bisexual, transgender et. al etc. folks who support Occupy Wall Street and see the movement of greater equity for all of god’s children as a worthwhile and critical endeavor. The Fashionable Elite Media in this town and specifically the Fashion and Society crowd does not, however, want to be perceived as in any way condemning the existing social order or capitalism itself, lest they lose their insider status. I find it quite hypocritical that those with powerful platforms in the Fashionably Elite Gay Society and Social Media who highlighted gay bullying rather profoundly, see absolutely nothing wrong or worth commenting on when it comes to defending the dignity of not so fashionable people who they see as poor, indigent and homeless. In fact, they often see these people as bothersome, annoying and a blight on the urban landscape. Hence, this declassification of them as worthwhile human beings justifies the violation of their civil rights making police brutality against them something that they can comfortably ignore. On the night that Naomi Wolf was arrested on a NYC Sidewalk in Lower Manhattan, many of the elite gay media were at the grand re-opening of Studio 54 and were overheard saying stuff like, these people outside with Occupy Wall Street are “so annoying, gross, a bunch of homeless losers.”

  12. Now that was a respectful and responsible reaction to my rather fiery retort! Your demeanor changed tremendously and although I still stand by what I’ve previously written, I do agree, as I’ve mentioned above, that much of what you say is valid!
    I despise the “beau monde” (straight or gay) who aren’t so beau and aren’t my monde, although I do travel in their circles,,,, they BORE me!  However, to criticize and attack a very influential “Elite Gay Social Media” to me remains counterproductive in the overall scheme of what’s happening with OWS.

    Get them on your side, don’t piss them off!  I didn’t mean to insult you personally, but I felt that you were insulting my kind!   Diplomacy and tolerance, which is sorely lacking in the NYC Police Department especially today, should be practiced by ALL!  I find that sometimes, you do have a tendency to take your frustrations and well deserved loathing and contempt, out on the wrong tribe of people!

    My approach varies accordingly, but as a gay male, I believe that you straight people still have all the power in this world, so utilize it wisely and don’t alienate a potentially powerful ally!

    Thanks for not ripping into me….I still respect what you say, it’s just how you say that I find hard to swallow!

    Montgomery Frazier “The Image Guru’

  13. Montgomery: Nice reply. I am certainly not “biting the hand that feeds me” since last I checked I feed myself and if anything Democracy is what feeds me.  By calling out the Elite Gay Social Media for their hypocrisy and indifference to the brutalization of citizens by the Police State I am being a responsible citizen because the ‘Elite Gay Social Media’ has clout, significant clout which in many cases they use rather superficially.  Gay bullying or bullying of any kind is harmful. But let’s be honest for many who remain silent and ignore this revolution, diminish or dismiss it because in their minds the people look like a rag tag bunch of homeless people or misfits proves my point, especially when those folks are being pepper sprayed and assaulted and bloodied with metal batons and nightsticks by a hyper militarized police force. If the Police did this in a Gay Pride Parade you might notice it as would folks like Peter Davis, but since it is a bunch of unfashionable, seemingly homeless people who gives a shit right? As for my methods, I speak what is on my mind. Challenging those with a bigger platform than mine is actually more dangerous ultimately to me. The Elite Gay Social Media have clout. They are not a weak minority. Perhaps a few more should tune into the Rachel Maddow show and grow a pair. 

  14. Strong words Chris! 

    But I have to agree with you on many points and then with all due respect, I have to disagree with you on others!  Whilst the majority of the Occupy Wall Streeters, are let’s face it, homeless people, I was down there and you can’t fool me, some of these people haven’t had jobs in decades, they’re the “professional homeless”…  but have decided to lend their rather downtrodden images to the VALID & UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE who are genuinely and more recently displaced and disgruntled!  So there are 2 sides of the coin here!

    Whilst I agree that many straight people did rally for gay marriage, (a political hot potato) me not being one of them because I find it irrelevant in my life, it took a damn long time, a damn long time!!!!!!.  You being an educated and relatively fair straight man can afford to stand on your soap box and condemn the “gay elite media” for not coming to the defense of the true victims of OWS, Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class American, who’ve lost their jobs to due to the immense and gross negligence of our Republican Fore Fathers (Reagan, Bush, Bush, et al ) but where the fuck were these MIddle Class Americans when for so many years, gay people, of which I am proud to be a member of this community, DID NOTHING, but HATE and REVILE US and voted those pricks into office time and time again?

    How dare you condemn us now!  Yes, there are those gay elite posuers, with whom you’ve cited above who could give a shit about those smelly people, who are not celebrities, nor are they glamorous, nor did they do anything for us as a community prior to them losing their houses , jobs etc…. For that I am ashamed of and I do agree with you on that point….. But STOP PREACHING! 

    No one is beyond reproach and without blame here and your sanctimonious attitiude leaves me incensed to the point of implosion! But for the grace of GOD and only GOD, we could all be OWS protesters, but to blame the GAY ELITE MEDIA for not coming to their rally is simply STUPID and does nothing for the cause of the valid OWS movement, of which I am in complete support of. Have you rallied to their defense in your editorials? Are you camping out down there , sometimes in horrible weather conditions?  I don’t know! 

    YES….. the government, Wall Street, the banks, the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, the car industry, the saving and loans all should be held accountable and that is the point and that should be the issue here,  THEY ARE THE TARGET…..NOT THE GAY ELITE MEDIA and all the “gay poseurs” that you particularly despise!  I don’t like that world that much either, but that’s the world I happen to live in, thank you!

    You’re being a bit Truman Capote-esque here, biting the hand that has fed you!  Harsh words from me….I think so!  I do consider what you say and heed your condemnation, but my friend, the “gay elite media” is not the enemy here!

    We need unification and solidarity from all factions and walks of American life and your words are simply inflammatory and unnecessary now! The “gay elite media” does need a wakeup all, but this is not the way to do it!

    You know I have the utmost respect for you and what you say and we’ll probably never speak again after this diatribe, but I just don’t agree with your methods! SORRY!

    Montgomery Frazier “The Image Guru”


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