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Let’s find out which famous hawt bixches made it to Studio 54’s one for the road party last night.

Nothing says more than Studio 54 than your posse of glam actresses and models: Cameron DIaz, Naomi Campbell, Bar Rafael
Images source: TMZ. Mother Stewart and two hawt bixches.

Kids, judging by these pictures it seems like I missed out on a whole lot of fun last night. Don’t believe me, keep your eyeballs straight as you focus on those hawt little bixches in blue shorts begging Keith Richards to knock back a few for old times sake. Who knew shorts could ever be so tight?

The event sponsored by Sirius XM Radio, because everything fun and worthwhile these days gets to be corporate sponsored, even revolutions against corporates, but that’s another discussion, had all sorts of gems roll up. From rock stars, porn stars, and the occasional house decor hero. Just the way you remembered Studio 54 when it really mattered in another lifetime.

Anyway, brace yourself as your eyeballs do softporn tricks as you watch hawt bixches of yesteryear relive the elixir of their glory days. Don’t you wish you were as just as fabulous? Of course you do…

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Keith Richards. Did this bixch get any satisfaction?

Randy Jones. Still in the navy?
Clive Davis.
Donald Trump- the grimace says it all...

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