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Lilo Getting Fired at Fashion House Ungaro.


lindsay_lohan_ungaroWhen fashion executives wake up and smell the coffee.

According to gutter/trash journal the NY Post fashion house Ungaro chairman Asim Abdullah is fighting to remove the gutter celebrity that his cohort CEO Mounir Moufarrige brought to the fold back in September.

Thoroughly ridiculed and thrashed, Ungaro has been gripped in a downward spiral of publicity which has essentially left the once esteemed label smelling of dank socks dipped in last week’s whiskey bar. In the 3 months that Lilo has held her post as creative director (malfunction), Lilo has essentially single-handedly brought the iconic fashion house to its knees. Whether the house believed her spunk and celebrity cache would bring in the audiences we are not sure, but if that were the case, why did they have to go the extra step of designating her as design consultant. Perhaps it would have been enough to have sidelined her as a cheerleading, champagne-soaked, coke-snorting mascot, courtesy front row of every cheap and over hyped party ping ponging between NY and Paris.

In the end, the brat who has continued to act shamelessly and has become a perverse anomaly of transfixed audiences (who probably watch her for the unbelievable factor than for any other reason) has helped to marginalize an icon.

The moral this episode? (un)photogenic coke whores are just that— nothing more, nothing less. Ungaro you only have yourselves to blame.

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