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Trying to figure out Justin Timberlake’s love life?



When a celebrities love life is far more important than yours…

Here we go again kids. Time to hold your breath and wonder about who your favorite celebrity is snuggling in bed tonight with while you are looking at your bills which you have no chance in hell of paying and cruising the web looking for adventure or just trying to stay out of the way of that bastard/bitch you call your man or woman. Never mind, we’re here to help you get through your life.

In the media’s on and off fascination with on and off boyfriend Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel we learn that Justin has not in fact called it quits and gone after the next Hollywood hottie he can get his hands on (with his fame, money, charm and supposed cute boy looks Justin can even get you…)- Rihanna.

According to the NY Post reports claim that US Weekly has it that – Timberlake had dumped Biel over the phone, while Star claims he’s turned up the heat with Rihanna. But Timberlake and Biel were photographed holding hands Monday night, even though they sure weren’t smiling.

See and you thought your life was convoluted. In any respect we’ll all be sitting patiently wondering who Justin decides is worthy of his love while you decide if you are worthy of yourself.

Life is good. But sometimes life is even better if you begin living it vicariously through yourself…


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