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Lindsay Lohan still a drunk but do you really care?


lindsey copyBack on the merry go round.

The tabloids are on fire again and it is open season on “lets shoot a drunk and photogenic coke head back to reality.” Of course defining what reality is is anyone’s guess in Los Angeles, but we are  willing to try.

In the latest saga to come out of LILOs life and to prompt you into some automatic fascination and mutual disgust with this young girls life comes the tale of her descent into the drunk driving probation theory. The theory goes something like this – you drink and drive, get busted, fail to make it to drunk driving education theory classes, and then you plead insanity and a too busy schedule, being a world class ditz and symbol of what’s possible in contemporary America- (being photogenic a must…)

In any event, the court has spared LILO further embarrassment and possible jail time (unfortunately we in return have not been spared) and has extended her probation from a 3 year series to a 4 year series. But really do you care?

Of course you do. Merry go rounds are made to make you dizzy.

Lindsay Lohan — Justice Delayed is Sweet Justice

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