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Kanye West wants you to love him again, but how?


kanye-westWhen a rap star is trying to figure out how to save his reputation.

From putting up notices on his blog, home page, twitter page and even looking sufficiently sad in public the question of the day is will doofus Kanye West ever resurrect himself after ruining life for Tyler Swift as she knows it?

Now that the article has settled the publicist come ranting and public opinion down on the rap star, said rap star must come up with intelligent ways to seduce gullible American country to love him again. That said, we have come up with a ten point plan to have Kanye redeem himself with America.

10/ Go to Afganistan and kill someone dangerous.

9/ Find P Diddy and challenge him to a duel.

8/ Go to Afgahistan and have himself killed.

7/Go to Alcohol Anonymous.

6/ Move to Canada.’

5/ Become a co anchor with Bill O’Reilly. We are sure ratings will fly.

4/Have himself humiliated by a white supremist and then make out with him.

3/ Have a sit down interview with Larry King, to then be followed by a sit down interview by Meredith Vierra of the Today show while Kate Gosselin looks on trembling with compassion.

2/ Go call John Gosselin where the two can go out together boozing and scoring as many 22 year old girls their wallets and celebrity status can buy them

1/ Go back to making music that people like instead of behaving in a way that cries for help and immaturity.

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  • You are actually correct, but we think the mistake kind of works. Thanks

  • andrea

    uh tyler swift? don’t you guys mean TAYLOR swift??