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Chasing Anna Wintour.


anna-wintour1Where you can expect to hound Anna this upcoming fashion week.

With Anna being literally chased down the streets by overzealous fashionistas and fools alike we have decided to compile a ten part list of most likely spots where you just might come across Anna and ogle her and thereby fill the deep void in your heart.

10/ The Bronx. We’re betting if Anna can make it to Queens for the second time of her life she can make it to the Bronx for the first time.

9/ In the recording studios making her debut album- “Fashion will rock you.”

8/ Anywhere where Roger Federer hangs.

7/ Her psychiatrist’s office. Life is getting a little complicated for Anna these days….

6/At the Reebok club doing reverse curls alongside Madonna.

5/ At a bodega on the lower east doing some out of the way non conspicuous shopping.

4/ At the back of an empty cinema house.

3/ At the offices of the NY Post looking to cement her own sleaze deal after Ashley Dupre hammered hers out.

2/ Lindsa Lohan’s after hours coke binge parties.

1/ Anywhere where Elliot Spitzer turns up.

Fashion Night Mayhem and the $50 bribe.

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