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Anna Wintour confuses herself by turning up to Queens for the second time in her life.


anna-wintour-confusesWhen the Queen of Fashion is forced to visit Queens, New York.


There would have been a time, let’s say 2 years ago that Anna Wintour may have well looked at you and spit vehemently in your face if you had suggested that within a short period of time she would be taking the trip over the bridge into Queens. That day of course has finally come, not once but twice as Anna, the matriarch of displeasure and couture has been forced in recent times to reinvent herself as a human being as opposed to monster.


Standing there at Macy’s Elmhurst, Queens amongst shoppers who probably never heard of her (after all Manhattan is Manhattan but for the exception of certain quarters Queens has no business or desire to emulate Manhattan panache and acumen- T shirts and frumpy skirts will always do…) Anna sauntered around the store pretending how delighted she was while confused shoppers in frumpy clothes watched in horror and confusion


With the fashion industry reeling from the worst market in years with consumers reluctant to spend at all price points the movers and shakers have been forced in recent times from their perch to once again reingratiate themselves with people that they would normally run over had they suddenly appeared on their home driveway announced- hence Fashion Night OUT.


When recessions make themselves felt even the Queen is forced to forced to acknowledge the peasants.

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