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TMZ is now trying to invent a way to bring Michael Jackson back from the dead.


michael_jackson_10The things Hollywood can never live without…


Day after day TMZ has been knocking itself out trying to reinvent the legend that recently checked out. Whether by what he had secretly had stashed in his cupboard, where he liked to hang out in his spare time, whether he liked to wear dresses as disguises and whether he liked cartoons and whether his death was a set up.

It’s a never ending saga that just keeps getting more crazy and irrational and that’s the kettle calling the pot black. All we want to know is why they just don’t leave this man alone.

You can listen to his music, watch re runs of this theory and that programme and even buy Michael dolls.

We think of course the joke is on TMZ because no matter what happens Michael ended up living in ‘Never ever land.” The irony is he just couldn’t live there while he was still alive.

Sounds like the perfect motion picture to us, but then again we’re sure TMZ is trying to secure the rights to that too.

The things Hollywood is reluctant to give away…

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