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Why did Janet Jackson call Paris Jackson a stupid little bitch?

Janet Jackson attempts to take Paris' cell phone from her after storming the family home in a dispute said to have arisen over Michael Jackson's will

Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Jackson takes to twitter accusing Janet Jackson of blocking access to his grandmother 

Katherine Jackson may now forfeit $70 000 a month in perks.

Who kidnapped Katherine Jackson? Guardian ruling are lies and returns home to Paris Jackson.

Paris Jackson forced to apologize to Janet Jackson for being a bitch. Goes back to twitter.

Randy Jackson goes on twitter and insists Michael Jackson’s, his brother’s will is fake.

Janet Jackson slaps niece Paris Jackson while TJ Jackson becomes new guardian; ‘You spoiled little bixch!’

One day even this will come to pass. Or will it….?

Tempers have been flaring with the escalation of the drama pertaining to the legitimacy of a document portending to be the affairs of Michael Jackson‘s will especially since the trust that it controls has ballooned to a delicious payola of $475 million.

Involved in the latest showdown this recent Monday was Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet and her niece, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson.

At some point Janet had come with her two brothers Jermaine and Randy in an effort to talk some ‘sense’ into Paris’s head who by now was irritating and embarrassing the family with explicit tweets expressing her concern with the where abouts of her guardian and grandmother Katherine Jackson. Of course no one was making an effort to keep Paris in the loop and by now she was tweeting she was going to have some one’s balls (or to that effect bixches) on the plate if she didn’t get answers.

Surprisingly that’s when Janet and her brothers decided to pay Paris a ‘family’ visit, which unfortunately turning out to be a conciliatory one turned out to be anything but.

Although it’s fairly apparent no physical violence was exchanged one has to wonder why Janet Jackson was in a rush to take Paris’ phone away (yes stop that bixch from tweeting shit of course).

What was also more hilarious was watching Janet call Paris a ‘spoiled little bixch,’ but then again what had she expected from the sheltered young girl after she and her brothers had removed Katherine Jackson without at least dropping Paris and her brother’s a line? I mean why keep that shit a secret unless of course you want to instill a kind of fear and politicizing of affairs….



  1. You’re stupid. The Jackson family is obviously trying to get get in Micheal’s will. Micheal has the most money out of all of them and didn’t include his brother and sister because THEY ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE. They just want to manipulate Paris and get in the money. Janet slapped Paris! Obviously she’s won’t be taking shit!

    They have a right to know and have CONNECTION with their grandmother. You can’t just deny to tell them. Would you like it if I hide your grandmother somewhere and refused tot ell you?!?!

  2. this has just been a crazy mess. Ok this girl is 14!!!! 14 people she does not nor does the rest of the kids get to run or rule the house. Because they are exactly just that KIDS. this is the problem with kids today no respect for those who came before them.

    People please get off of the media’s TIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    UNLIKE those kids the rest of the Jackson family is private trying to keep this mess in where it should be. KEPT IN THE FAMILY and away from prying eyes that only make it worse.

    they know drama and they are not trying to be in the middle of it. yet you notice its only the now wild and crazy children that are making public displays of their everlasting tantrum.

    Katherine Jackson is sick and for all we know this woman is dying or reaching the end of her life. Or maybe she needs a damn break from kids who if they behave like this in public imagine how they behave behind closed doors.

    Everyone has to stop feeding into this story and notice they are children and NONE OF US knows the full story and NO ONE knows what is really happening behind closed doors. except in the eyes of CHILDREN

    So stop people please stop getting your news from CHILDREN.

    This has to just be killing Katherine that her family is divided like this.

    In my view Paris is a spoiled little BITCH

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